/ Dr.Stern cosmetics ambitious development plans

Dr.Stern cosmetics ambitious development plans

Dr.Stern has entered the domestic market with two production lines and a wide selection of cosmetic and preventive products, but it was just a beginning.

A significant expansion of the assortment is planned for this year - Dr.Stern will launch a several new lines of pharmaceutical cosmetics, which will complement the products available for sale now. To use the entire arsenal of known useful ingredients and realize their most effective combination in new cosmetics to preserve health and beauty - here are Dr.Stern’s high ambitions.

Now there are two lines of active cosmetics on sale: for daily complex care and protection; for the prevention and maintenance of healthy skin, joints, muscles and veins. The third line is a series of vitamins and minerals complexes and supplements for maintaining beauty and health from the inside.

The consumers already can choose a unique product or a combination of products made for solving their individual problems and soon the choice will become even bigger.