/ Dr.Stern: new cosmetics brand on pharmacy market

Dr.Stern: new cosmetics brand on pharmacy market

Fresh on the pharmacy market, new brand of medical cosmetics Dr.Stern aroused a huge interest among pharmacists.

The manufacturer of Dr.Stern called its production "active", thus defining the company's approach to combining the ingredients: a combination of cosmetic and active components in a complex that strengthens each other's action. Dr.Stern products not only care for skin, making it beautiful, but also solve the basic dermatological face, body, hands and feet problems.

Refusal of parabens, formaldehyde and dyes in cosmetics, strict adherence to the standards of pharmaceutical production and selection of only high-quality ingredients provide a reliable, fast and long-term therapeutic and prophylactic result.

The variety of line allows choosing a truly unique tool or a combination of several tools that will solve a specific problem and provide a high quality daily care.

Dr.Stern cosmetics will be available in more than 2000 pharmacies, including such chain pharmacies as AVE, 36.6, Gorzdrav, A5, Old Healer, LUXURY, Norma, 120/80 , We wish health, Farmadar, 03 Pharmacy, Vitrum.