/ Pharmacists gave their preference Gialuronova gel Dr.Stern

Pharmacists gave their preference Gialuronova gel Dr.Stern

Dr.Stern cosmetics presentation aroused great interest among pharmacists and chemist pharmacists. Caring cosmetics presented by the brand have been created not only to preserve beauty, but also to maintain health.

A recognized leader in questions asked by pharmacists was the ultra-hydrating hyaluronic face gel with allantoin and D-panthenol. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, D-panthenol and allantoin work in a complex, enhancing the useful properties of each other and effectively restoring skin tone and its elasticity. In addition, the active components of this gel improve the relief and naturally tighten skin, smoothing out small wrinkles.

Recommended for dry and tired skin, hyaluronic gel can be used as a make-up base. Gel’s moisturizing and simultaneously restorative effect on face skin is an excellent illustration Dr.Stern cosmetics main principle: health and beauty are interrelated and equivalent, which means that cosmetics should not only deal with visual defects, but help to eliminate internal problems.